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Total Control

Finally a SYSTEM of paints that work together in harmony and gives YOU, the artist, complete and total control over your color palette! No more paint guru's telling you what colors to offer...You decide the colors! Talk about Freedom of expression! If you want more than just a bunch of bottles of paint...try the E-TAC SYSTEM!

If you want clean, consistent, high quality colors with less tip dry, great vibrancy, that sprays like nobody's business...This One's for YOU! Whether you paint T shirts, Auto Tags, Helmets or Auto Hoods...The E-TAC SYSTEM has got you covered! No more fighting your paints to do a simple design! When you're 6 deep at the counter and under the gun...the last thing you need is your paints acting goofy and trying to add some homebrew to get them to spray correctly! This paint can keep up with the fastest ShirtSlingers and still look great!

Give it a try...I know you'll be impressed! Pull back on the trigger and hang on! Painting has just become fun again!
Testimonial By: Ron Davis — Bradenton, FL

Perfect for Large Volume

I do large volume t-shirt work which I realize is not what most of you do, but this stuff eliminates 90% of my tip drying hassles to which everyone should be able to relate.

In other words, I am painting on a shirt with my hand moving 90 miles an hour in front of the customer. If flow stops in the middle of a lettering stroke because of tip dry, it makes me look bad because the customer thinks it's my fault when I have to go back and correct it, which also blows the rhythm I have going. So with the ETAC, I simply blow away with none of these problems and my work looks as good as my mind/hands intended it to look (and likely, better) and all of a sudden, the main reason why painting isn't as much fun as it once was before acrylics (constant tip drying) has disappeared.
Testimonial By: Tom Davison — WCA Artist

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