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TNT Hot Fluorescent 32oz Size

Limited Time Stimulus Offer!

This line consists of very select color options that was implemented through years of R&D and feed-back from professional tag and tee shirt artists that know their business inside and out without a doubt. This product is gauged on wash-fastness or laundry-fastness and works just as great on 100% cotton as it does on polyester and cotton blends and adheres very well to interior surfaces as well as license plates. TNT The Eco.nomical Solution requires heat-setting for permanence. Your typical rattle can will do just fine for clearing license plates.

TNT works so well, those who are using it tell us its one of the best textile products yet to be found on the market anywhere with a wild and exotic range of color options to choose from and growing. So if textiles and tags is your business, we have your answer.

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HF775 - Hot Yellow

HF776 - Hot Orange

HF777 - Hot Green

HF778 - Hot Aqua

HF779 - Hot Blue

HF780 - Hot Pink

HF781 - Hot Magenta

HF782 - Hot Purple