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Private Stock Opaque and Semi-Opaque

Opaque ~ A solid high refractive opaque color line that responds with action. Specifically produced for reduction in color shift where a solid value hue remains opaque upon drying, producing exceptional blocking of light transmittance.

Semi-Opaque ~ Robust color for dynamic values for background quick fills and exotic color creations where semi-opaque are used. Get creative with our semi-opaque line. Its as easy as 1,2,3. Choose size and color below then add quantity to cart.

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PSSO-150 Semi-Opaque Blue

PSSO-151 Semi-Opaque Magenta

PSSO-152 Semi-Opaque Violet

PSSO-153 Semi-Opaque Yellow

PSSO-154 Semi-Opaque Green

PSOP-200 Opaque HS Carbon Black

PSOP-201 Opaque Titanium Plasma White

PSOP-202 Opaque Light Flesh Tone

PSOP-203 Opaque Light Blue

PSOP-204 Opaque Light Pink

PSOP-205 Opaque Light Yellow