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Edwards FX Series

Refined quality colorant that exhibit excellent uv resistance as only the most light fast and durable pigments are used concerning safety, effectiveness and strong pigmentation. No filler material are used, only pure pigment in an unprecedented water resoluble erasable base that can be solvent cleared when dry. Inter-mixable to achieve many hues and saturation's in addition to those offered.


EFX Series colors provide a wide ranging advantage to artists seeking a re-soluble solution for special effects, erase-back and re-wetting properties such as that used in photo-realistic rendering on most any hard surface imaginable. All pigment in this series exhibit the highest potential for Light Fast Values per color without introducing heavy metals or known toxins that could be harmful to you or our environment and conforms to ASTM D 4236 non-toxic standards.
This line of premium color is defined by the user through mixtures or as a stand alone colorant with up to1million color potentials possible using this line of color. Superior atomization and user control for the discerning artist. Visit our E'daptables page for Reduce-Air 16 ounce size.

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FXOP - 501 Opaque HS Carbon Black

FXOP-502 Opaque Titanium Plasma White

FXHS-503 Arylide Yellow

FXHS- 504 Golden Ocher

FXHS - 505 Azo Orange

FXHS - 506 Naphthol Red

FXHS - 507 Dark Naphthol Red

FXHS - 508 Pyrrole Red

FXHS - 509 Quinacridone Magenta

FXHS - 510 Carbazole Violet

FXHS - 511 Blue Violet

FXHS - 512 Red Violet

FXHS - 513 Phthalocyanine Blue

FXHS - 514 Phthalocyanine Green

FXHS - 515 Phthalocyanine Turquoise

FXHS - 516 Red Ocher

FXHS - 517 Brown Ocher

FXHS - 518 Burnt Umber

FXHS 519 Culebra Gold

FXHS - 520 Vieques Blue

FXHS 521 Aqua Rica

FXHS 522 Rain Forest Green

FXHS 523 Sepia Smoke

FXHS 524 Gray

FXHS - 525 Flesh

FXHS - 526 Ultra-Marine Blue

FXHS - 527 Paynes Grey