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Perfect for Large Volume

I do large volume t-shirt work which I realize is not what most of you do, but this stuff eliminates 90% of my tip drying hassles to which everyone should be able to relate.

In other words, I am painting on a shirt with my hand moving 90 miles an hour in front of the customer. If flow stops in the middle of a lettering stroke because of tip dry, it makes me look bad because the customer thinks it's my fault when I have to go back and correct it, which also blows the rhythm I have going. So with the ETAC, I simply blow away with none of these problems and my work looks as good as my mind/hands intended it to look (and likely, better) and all of a sudden, the main reason why painting isn't as much fun as it once was before acrylics (constant tip drying) has disappeared.
Testimonial By: Tom Davison — WCA Artist

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