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Thanks a Million!

I want you guys and gals to know what kind of impact your paint has had on me. First I want to let you all know that I airbrush as a hobby. I have been working in graphic arts for 17 + years. That means my art background is primarily been computer driven. So going from doing things on the computer were you can undo a line or a stroke with a click of a button or set the perfect amount of pressure, or pick a perfect color. To painting with the airbrush where you have to maintain control of the brush and the hundreds of other factors, has been very challenging. I have been airbrushing for a bit over nine months now. I do my airbrushing in the corner of my basement and am limited to using nontoxic water based paints that are available to include select latex house paints. The problems that I have been through trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with my airbrush would make your head spin.

When I first started hearing about your paints, and hearing what some of the artists on the airbrush forums were saying about it, I was skeptical but intrigued, all the artists that posted artwork done using your paints had nothing but positive things to say about the paint. So I perused you guys to sell me some E'TAC and your AFX 500 base.

Ok this is where things changed for me as an airbrush artist. When I received the paints I ordered I took the information that you gave me about using the paints and threw it out the window. Sorry I am a hobbyist after all, and my way is the only correct way for me. The first thing I noticed about your paint was the pleasant tropical smell of it, My wife even commented that she liked it. The second thing I noticed was the paint straight out of the bottle wasn't clogging the tip of my airbrush. (this almost made me cry tears of joy) no more reducing, no more tip dry. I have been using your paints for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is thank you. Your paints have made airbrushing fun for me again. I don't have to worry about tweaking this paint with reducers to get it to spray, I don't have to stop to clear dried paint off the needle, I can concentrate on the imagery. That is what I have always wanted to do as an airbrush artist is paint without fighting the paint. I am very impressed with your Paints and want you all to know you have a new loyal customer.

Thanks a million,
Go Etac!!! Go Etac!!!
Testimonial By: Lon Hanson

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